Business Action Networking - Launched in Penrith (next event 20 Nov 2019) and Coming Soon to Sydney CBD


Penrith Event – 2020 Marketing Planning

Wednesday 20 November 2019 6.30 – 8.30 pm

WOTSO Workspace Penrith

Tickets $29 on Eventbrite

We’ve been to hundreds of networking meetings and had mixed experiences. So what we’re creating is something new. Bringing in the best of breed features, ditching the things that don’t make us feel good and introducing some new initiatives.


Businesses will get access to names, business names and industry category before and after the meeting to help you target your networking. You will not receive phone or email details, as we don’t want to encourage spammy connections. Meetings will have both free form and structured networking activities to allow you to make the most of the event.


At the event you’ll get to introduce yourself for 30-60 seconds to at least 10 other businesses (or all if attendees less). The best smaller group pitch, and the message that is voted from each subgroup as the message that is most need to be heard will then be shared to the full audience.

Selected businesses will also have an option to take a showcase spot at some events.

Networking novice?

No need to fear! We provide tips, Small Talk Prompts to help you make small talk and soon will provide access to some optional courses from our linked business FAQ Business Training.

This is a temporary website as we build our business from scratch. We want to help you network, learn and be inspired and implement actions from our meetings.

Sponsorship opportunities – Penrith or Sydney CBD

Do you provide a service we may be able to utilise? Caterers, venues, photography, promotional products…? If you can help us, we’d love to hear from you. In the end we expect to have a fully paid model, but starting out especially, sponsors will help us keep prices down.

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